Here at TBC, The Bulldog Connection we take great pride in our bulldogs and program! We have built this facility with great pride and love for our bulldogs our selfs as a family project. In winter it helps keep our bullies warm and dry and in summer more importantly helps keep them cool with the AC! We have built sleeping areas that are attached to the house so we can keep our bulldogs with us at home where they are socialized on a daily basis with kids and other animals. At night they have their own rooms to sleep. In our facilities we have nurseries with incubators for our babies, playpens for the young puppies. We have an attached grooming area for our bullies to keep clean. We have multiple exercise yards for our bullies to keep them active.Our main focus here is to keep the dogs perfectly maintained and happy, so keep in mind when buying a puppy from any where to see where the parents are been kept and where the puppies are living first that your planning on buying before you bring into your home. Dogs/puppies that are not kept in proper care are most likely to come sick and bring diseases into your home and share with your other pets. I hope you like our bulldog home and program. We are always improving our facilities so keep a close eye on  this page for more updated pictures.We have started phase two here at our facilities that include a doggy pool for our bulldogs. REMEMBER KEEP YOUR BULLDOGS COOLED THIS SUMMER 🙂