Our Famous purple lilac girl My Entourages Sloan will produce the most out standing puppies with Google our lilac tri stud. we are very excited about this breeding this is a breeding we have been waiting for a long time. these will be the most unique puppies of top quality and rarest colours, full of wrinkles and ropes! We have a couple spots available please email us to check availability. We are thrilled to have GOOGLE  finally ready to reproduce the most beautiful puppies with our queen here at TBC!  These puppies will NOT be cheap prices will range from $20,000 to $30,000 deposits are $3000 to secure your puppy of a life time.. BREEDING WILL TAKE PLACE IN AUGUST!  ACCEPTING TWO MORE DEPOSITS!! THIS WILL BE THE BEST LILAC TO LILAC BREEDING TO DATE DONE IN THE WORLD, MARK MY WORDS!
IMG_3689NOW this is a breeding of a life, I couldn’t be more happy for this breeding, what a great breeding for our boy Google produced right here at TBC! This breeding will produce our second generation of lilac tris and a rainbow of colours ! Gina is full sister to Shrinkabulls Legacy and 3/4 sister to our famous purple lilac girl My Entourages Sloan.. Google is sired by our chocolate and tan stud Rolo and our black tri girl Chilindrina! this breeding should take place in August and the wait list has started! Email me for more details at


This one breeding I have dreamed about since I laid my eyes on Suede, Mocha daughter of Patron litter mate of .COM and full sister to my stud Rolo. This breeding will produced nothing but top quality chocolate babies! We are not accepting no more deposits at this time! Mocha has been confirmed with minimum 4 babies! Big thanks to Mickey for allowing us to use her beast!


Finally BLUE &TAN French Bulldog puppies will arrive to TBC, TOP quality blue and tan puppies by none other then The King of Bachate Romeo Santos our rare blue and tan stud and our beautiful unique blue and tan girl Ronda rowdy Rousey aka Molly. expecting a couple babies of healthy correct blue and tan babies! This breeding took place March 2016… We are not accepting deposits at this time. These puppies will not be cheap our blue and tans are very rare specially in this quality. prices are from $20,000 to $25,000  , Second pick female reserved $20,000 usd, first pick male will be staying here at TBC. contact us for availability.





We are over the moon to be announcing this top quality breeding of Chilindrina and Rolo, both are top quality triple carrier. breeding will take place may/june, THIS IS THE REPEAT BREEDING THAT PRODUCED GOOGLE AND DONKY KONG! ACCEPTING DEPOSITS!! INQUIRE ABOUT AVAILABILITY


IMG_507710645229_370059519811434_4747320394625476681_nBLUE AND TAN BREEDING, Kendall Jenner is our blue and tan carrier girl, she has been bred to the one and only Romeo Santos. We are very excited to say the least about this breeding, if your interested in a puppy please contact us to reserve your TBC puppy! ACCEPTING DEPOSITS!!! KENDALL JENNER HAS BEEN BRED TO ROMEO! WAITING TO CONFIRM PREGNANCY!!!!



Prices & Deposit Info

 Prices for standard colors range from $3,000 to $ 6,500
Prices for rare colored bulldogs range from $7,000 to $30,000
Deposits to secure your TBC puppy range from $1,000 to $3,000
DO NOT send deposits until you have been APPROVED please
All pupies will be DNA tested before been placed for sale to determine
what color the puppies are and what colors they carry



Pet prices are different please contact me directly to ask.